Bay area spiritual director

"And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth"
John 17.3

I help you know God through a journey of discovery, prayer and practice gained from ancient and modern ideas and rituals from the world's religions, art and philosophy. As a Catholic, I am particularly focused on the Christian Journey and have intense connection with the process of returning to Christ after a period of disillusionment or time of distance from God. 

Through my own journey as some one who raised Catholic, who then experienced a loss of faith, to then return to God through a path of rediscovery and knowledge of God, my program is particularly useful to any one who has lost the message, who feels a void, or who is lost in the wilderness.

Together we embark on a journey and pilgrimage intended to bring you closer to the the life that you are called for.


I help individuals return to their core feelings and ideas of faith, or developing new ones that express the whole human being and build a more solid foundation of happiness and fulfillment.  

Through spiritual direction, together we embark on a Pilgrimage that builds a spiritual foundation for individuals and groups. 



I am a seeker and confirmed Catholic. While I was inactive in the Church for nearly 30 years, I found my way back to my home and enjoy helping others do the same. 

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Walnut Creek, California


Tel or Text: 650-863-5143

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